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Intended Parents

Embarking on the journey of assisted reproductive technology is both exciting and emotional. There are many factors to consider, all of which require intense thought and decision-making. Adding in the legal aspect may seem overwhelming. However, as the laws surrounding assisted reproductive technology are continuously evolving, it is extremely important for Intended Parents to consult an attorney experienced in this area to guide them through the legal process. This often includes the preparation, review, and negotiation of legal agreements necessary for an egg donation and/or surrogacy arrangement, as well as the filing of statutory mandated documents required by the Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act, or other state statutes. The agreements, which must strictly adhere to any applicable relevant statutory mandates, should protect the Intended Parents rights to any children that are born as well as their use of cyropreserved embryos. The agreements should also address issues including, but not limited to, the parties’ financial responsibilities, assumption of risks and confidentiality concerns. Because each infertility plan is unique, Intended Parents should be aware of standardized contracts prepared by infertility centers or other agencies that may not meet their individualized needs.

Depending on the Intended Parents arrangement, they will be signing one or more agreements. If the Intended Parents have used a matching agency to find their Donor or Surrogate, they will typically sign an agreement with the agency and an agreement with the Donor or Surrogate. For those Intended Parents who are using a known Donor (e.g. a friend or relative) or they have found a Surrogate on their own, they will typically sign one agreement between themselves and the Donor or Surrogate.

Due to the excessive time commitments infertility treatments require, as well as the emotional and physical strain of the process itself, it is the goal of Ross & Zuckerman LLP to guide the Intended Parents through the preparation and review of these agreements as smoothly and compassionately as possible. We charge a fixed fee so you can budget your legal expenses accordingly, and offer flexible meeting times and locations for your convenience. For a free telephone consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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